Time for great team engagement

Move over Great Attrition, Bring on Great Engagement Get Amplified podcast

It’s Time for Great Team Engagement

I think it’s fair to say we’re all feeling the pressure. With new hire time to productivity on one side and a looming recession on the other, we are all feeling that squeeze in the middle. People join an organisation because they believe in its purpose. Industries are powered by people and it’s how we work together that makes the difference. 

Join us on our Get Amplified episode with Matt Piercy and Lewis Gee discussing how we can improve productivity when we are all feeling increased pressures.

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In this discussion as we look at the impact of the ‘great attrition’ on the tech industry. Organisations and sales leaders are under huge pressure to hit their quarterly revenue targets but in today’s economic climate, combined with a 30% employee turnover rate, we discuss how new hires are faring.

We explore how to quickly get new salespeople up to full productivity and the role ‘team’ plays in that.

Sales Leader Insights on Great Team Engagement

Matt saw his career take off leading NEMEA sales organisations for VMware, then EMEA for ZScaler and ThousandEyes. Matt shares his thoughts and what he put into practice around setting new hires up for success.  Matt suggests starting by measuring objectives vs revenue (that is unrealistic in the first few months) is much more likely to get your new hires off to a strong start.

Lewis (who promoted Matt into the NEMEA role at VMWare) brings so much experience on this topic, having held leadership positions in high-growth organisations ServiceNow, VMware and Citrix – all of which hit through a billion dollars during his time. Lewis shares the rigorous onboarding he experienced, and we explore if this is now missing? We feel incredibly fortunate to have Lewis as one of our Amplifiers as we and our clients constantly benefit from his wisdom!

We hope you enjoy the conversation around time for great team engagement. We’d also love to hear if any of our listeners have stories or tips to share. You can reach us at team@amplifiedgroup.co.uk.

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