We’re 4 years old today and we’re getting serious!

We’re 4 years old today and we’re getting serious!

We’re in the party mood!

The Amplified Group turns four years old this month. We’ve come such a long way and couldn’t have done it without the help of so many people. A big thank you to all our Amplifiers, advisors and so many others who have provided support and advice over the years.

The best birthday present we received is the trademark confirmation for TeamX™.  We believe a great Team Experience is at the heart of continued success for individuals, teams, and the entire business. In an era of Customer Experience #CX, User Experience #UX, it’s time to focus on #TX, or as we like to call it #TeamX.

When the #GetAmplified podcast started in 2020 we had no idea it would play such an important part in the development of the Amplified Group. We are constantly blown away by our inspiring guests and their nuggets of wisdom.

We appreciate our guests volunteering their time, and to our subscribers for continuing to follow us.

We’re 4 years old today and we’re getting serious! We are on a mission and can feel the momentum building around #TeamX. Every conversation with a new team propels us along a little bit further.

Can’t wait to see what we can achieve together in the next 4 years!

You can catch up with our podcasts here: Get Amplified Podcast – Amplified Group

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