Why we got it wrong, of course it’s all about the culture!

Why we got it wrong, of course it’s all about the culture! This summer the Amplified Group will be two years old and we are going from strength to strength.

Working with customers like Avanite and Nutanix, and partnering with organisations such as The Chartered Institute of Project Management, B2B marketing and In Touch Networks, we are helping them to build and deliver their business services for board governance.

Healthy Culture = Organisational Fitness

Not once, in any of our communications or on our website do we refer to culture.

It was a conscious decision. We were concerned our clients would think it perhaps seemed too fluffy and not tangible enough to measure it’s impact to business. The reality is, it’s what we do. A healthy culture is the outcome of organisational fitness.

I looked after the Microsoft relationship at Citrix for five years and in that time I was really closer to Microsoft then I was to Citrix, so I’ve always had a keen interest. I always said, “Microsoft was great to work with but I wouldn’t want to work there.”

The transformation Microsoft has accomplished since Satya Nadella has been CEO is nothing short of a miracle. From moving the business to SaaS, Azure growing at 73% in first quarter of 2019, much faster than 2018 and again reaching $1 trillion market cap.

So you can imagine my excitement when I start reading Nadella’s new book.

In the first couple of paragraphs you get hit with, ‘Innovation was being replaced by bureaucracy; Teamwork was being replaced by internal politics’

From the IT Leaders Survey we run last summer, we know both of these turn Tech Unicorns into Tech Dinosaurs and previously, Microsoft had become one.

Nadella told employees that,

“Renewing the culture of the company was his highest priority, to ruthlessly remove the barriers to innovation.”

He also continues to say he has come to realise that his number one job as CEO is, “To curate to the culture so that 100,000 Inspired minds, Microsoft employees can shape the future.”

If we relate this to our IT leaders survey, Microsoft was the only tech giant that scored high on: inspired, empowered; and high trust. These are not words on a page, they are experienced daily and proven in their results.

Why we got it wrong, of course it’s all about the culture! We were wrong to steer clear of talking about culture

It is at the heart of what we do, having experienced great cultures and soulless ones too. We are committed to every organisation we work with to build a high trust culture where employees are inspired and empowered, which in turn delivers extraordinary results.

Thank you Satya, you are leading the way!

Click HERE to read the results of our IT Survey

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