Women at Tech – Power of Teaming

Women at Tech - Power of Teaming

Leading a ‘Power of Teaming’ Session at Women at Tech

There are moments in your career that you feel like you need to pinch yourself. Being asked to lead a session on the Power of Teaming at the Women at Tech London event to help these tech giants shape what it is like to work in our industry is one of them!

After a brief intro we broke into cross company working groups to look at what the future of tech looks like for everyone in 10 years time.

It was a privilege to work with such a talented group. The collaboration, energy and innovation in the room was inspirational.

This session followed Cisco ‘s first Inclusion Summit in the UK, which covered the most comprehensive approach to inclusivity and intersectionality I have experienced. It was both thought provoking and energising. 👏 

You can learn more about Inclusion Summit here

(Vic’s LinkedIn post)

Women at Tech London event

The Amplified Group Team

Pip, Vic & Linds at the Cisco London office






About Women at Tech 

Women@Tech is committed to raising the impact of gender equality initiatives at technology industry companies in the UK. They are a collaborative community that shares best practice, innovation and insights to help its member companies achieve a more gender-equal workplace.   

Women@Tech has representatives from Amazon, BT, Cisco, Colt Technology Services, Google, Infosys, Meta, Salesforce, Samsung, Uber and is growing. 

Website: Home | Women@Tech (womenattech.com)


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